Dear friends, music lovers and even random passersby!

Three months ago I released and let flow into the free information space the album called Bleeding, a conceptual merge of poetic observations, wrapped in the progressive rock forms and illustrated by Tanja Bogocharova’s modernistic art.  I must thank everybody, who supported this release, as for non-commercial or even anti-commercial project which has virtually no investments in promotion and no any label or well-connected people standing behind, it is achieving its main goal of transmitting the message quite well.

Throughout this time I’ve received dozens of feedbacks and loads of reviews from all over the world, most of which were quite positive, and I’m really proud to read and hear all that about this project, as it means that it has touched the strings I intended to touch.  A lot of songs from Bleeding obtained an air-play on progressive rock and experimental music related radio’s, including amazingly supportive AiiRadio, first Greek progressive related radio JustInCase, one of the biggest internet prog radios, namely, and dozens of others, including several FM stations from different countries.

I can as well proudly announce, that in addition to my old participation in the amazing project of progressive musicians network Power Of Prog where I reside since the very beginning of this community, Transport Aerian has become a part of the largest and, perhaps, most bombastic progressive rock community in the world, Progarchives.

It is time for more steps, time to move further. The album is still available for free, as my non-commercial intention in bringing art to those who are willing to hear and my Creative Commons license allows me to, and I still appreciate a lot if you support me directly, via one of my own pages.

The logical next step is bringing the program I’ve made and I’m truly proud of live on stage, and this is what we are working on right now.  The limited edition physical copies will always be available on the shows, so coming to see Transport Aerian live might bring you some awesome piece of art as a pleasant present! After some months of experiments, it came up that Transport Aerian will be a two-man formation. With a huge pride I can announce that the putting of live program together is almost complete, and my partner in crime is an amazing guitar-player Stefan Boyekens, with whom I worked already several years ago and whose guitar playing is as charming as insane and I really enjoy this sort of magic and the chemistry of making music with this sort of small lineup. Of course, it is quite tricky to weave all these arrangements with only two of us, so it requires a lot of real-time programming, tweaking with sounds and shifting between different instruments. The set list will include most of the core songs from Bleeding, a few songs from the previous two albums and some instrumental pieces, which Stefan will be providing by his compositional genius. We as well intend making a small gift to the music lovers and record some alternative or live versions of the songs.

      Transport Aerian pursues a rather poetic concept nowadays, that’s why most likely we will not participate in the rock-format shows, rather preferring intimate and atmospheric, poetically and literally related evenings.  In any case, as usual, I need you, dear friends, to help this message reaching those who want or need to hear this. Attend our shows, or just, without leaving your home get our music, download it and share. This keeps art alive. And makes me a bit happier.

Kind regards,


Transport Aerian Project.