Wings of Destiny to release a brand new album ” Ballads ” the first single ” FOREVER ”  Features Timo Tolkki (Avalon, Revolution Renaissance, Stratovarius) on the guitar.

Wings of Destiny release epic video Forever feat, Timo Tolkki from upcoming Ballads album due out later this year…

Video & Single “Forever”
Album: “Ballads”
Filmed & Directed by Sasha Stone
Photography by Sasha Stone
Anton Darusso – vocals & keyboards
Timo Tolkki – acoustic guitars

Music & Lyrics by Timo Tolkki
Arrangements: Anton Darusso Acoustic guitars recorded by Timo Tolkki, homestudio [Finland]
Vocals & Orchestra recorded by Juan Pablo Calvo, Bushido Audioproduction Studio [Costa Rica]
Mixed & Mastered by Alexey Stetsyuk, Grave Town Studios [Belorussia]


Tentative tracklisting
1. Forever (feat. Timo Tolkki)
2. Cold Winter night [* new]
3. One more Lie [*new]
4. Wake me UP (feat. Henning Basse) [acoustic]
5. I saw an angel cry [remastered]
6. Light a candle [*new]
7. Nothing lasts forever [remastered]
8. Oblivion & Sirens Song [remastered]
9. Eternity 2020 [remastered]
10. Time [acoustic] [remastered]
11. *Bonus track for physical release: Speed of Light (Stratovarius cover).

Album art album by Harley Velasquez

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