Hi all,

back from our Gig in Koblenz, we don’t want to hold back some impressions about how it went.

First of all, Circus Maximus is a nice location in the heart of Koblenz. The Gig was titled “Melodic Night of Progressive Rock” and the following Bands played in the following order:

  1. Neronia
  2. Chronoseptic
  3. Eclipse Sol Air

We played our first Gig without Mike (regards Mike) with the following set list:

  1. Darkland
  2. Sleep my child
  3. Only sometimes
  4. Journeys end
  5. Go this way
  6. Marching on
  7. Watching tv
  8. Desert sand
  9. In the mirror
  10. Seven shades (Bonus)

Many thanks to Thomas Dumke, for the great Sound this evening.

We will provide you with pictures from this evening asap and hope to see you on our next Gig on November, 20th in Neunkirchen. Stay tuned…..