Rome, NY:
NY Art Rockers Jack and the Jukebox just released their official music video, drawing on the talents of a veritable host of artists, actors, poets, freethinkers, nihilists, and libertines. Verne’s Jewels is Jack and the Jukebox’s first single from the upcoming sophomore album.

The band is more than a little cagey about the meaning of the song and they pointed out that art must be interpreted by the creativity of the viewer. There are a few hints that it might have been inspired by 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. The tumultuous battle of archetypes within seems to be a mythical clarion to greater inspiration and poesis on the part of the viewers.  The subliminals seem intended to sell popcorn. (Just Kidding).

Music by Jack and the Jukebox

Directed & Edited by Timothy B. Parker

Performers (in order of appearance)

Bradley A. Dorville
Glen Trygve Wilkinson
Alexander Medlin II
Aaron Myatt
Timothy B. Parker
Featuring Amelia the Human Skull xoxo

Assistant Direction by Betsy Bamford


Betsy Bamford
Timothy B. Parker


Rebecca Petrie
Betsy Bamford
Timothy B. Parker

Production Assistants:

Benjamin Bronson
Danny Bertrand
Railey Leo Henry
Destiny Hernandez
Alex Martin
Alexander Medlin II

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