Phoen1x to Release Debut Album Immaterial Witness Featuring All-Star Cast

Melodic Revolution Records is thrilled to announce that US symphonic act Phoen1x will release Immaterial Witness on October 23rd, in all popular Digital formats and a very limited-run Compact Disc. 

Immaterial Witness is a collection of ten songs written over the last couple of decades that have been recorded by an all-star outfit featuring members of Vertical Alignment, Proto-Kaw, Evership, Time Horizon, Stratospheerius, among many other talented musicians.

01 Immaterial Witness 
02 Dreamer Awaken 
03 Sunrise 
04 Home of the Brave 
05 Small Charade 
06 Legend of Brick House 
07 The Opera 
08 Song of Life (Phyl’s Song) 
09 Tomorrows 
10 Angels 

Phoen1x is.
Jake Livgren – Lead and Back Vocals, Saxophone 
Seth Trotman – Bass 
Michael Adams – Percussion and Drums 
Phoen1x – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Cherokee Flute 

Additional Musicians 
Bill Rebsamen – Keyboards 
Deron Freeman – Trumpet 
Kev Rowland – Narration 
Jaymi Millard – Bass 
Mike FitzPatrick – Lead Vocals 
Mark Thompson – Lead Guitar 
Erikson Silva – Lead Guitar 
Joe Deninzon – Vocals, Electric Violin (Viper) 
Lyda Livgren – Back Vocals 
Chuck Tidwell – Lead Guitar 
Greg Wollan – 12 String Guitar 
Ralph Otteson – Keyboards 
Mike Florio – Lead Vocals 
Bill Coan – Vocals, Bass

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Evership Album 3 & 4 Spring Update

As you know, Evership is recording a two-part rock opera based on a story by early-1900s writer Harold Bell Wright. While COVID-19 has slowed the process a bit, we’ve been moving cautiously forward with recording as best we can. All music is written and demoed. Drums and Lyrics are complete for both parts 1 and 2. We’re a few songs into bass guitar for part 1. Acoustic Guitars (12 and 6-string) are almost done for Part 1.

The recording process has been a patchwork of locations as we are still establishing a new studio space. We’ve been recording Ben on location.

Ben Young recording bass for Evership’s 3rd album

We’re recording acoustic guitars with Matt Harrell (12-String) and John Rose (everything else) with my friend Pat Holt at Pat Holt Productions in Nashville, on Music Row.

Recording Acoustic Guitars on Music Row in Nashville

Pat Holt has been in the industry for 40 years and is a veteran engineer and producer. He’s worked with everyone from Alabama, James Taylor and Doctor Hook to Johnny (And June Carter) Cash, Waylon Jennings and The Judds. (Factoid: Pat is married to Irlene Mandrell of the Mandrell sisters.)

Shane Atkinson and Pat Holt at Pat Holt Productions in Nashville

We are recording direct to a Studer two-inch tape machine through an early 70’s Harrison console. Harrison consoles are manufactured here in Nashville. In fact, Shane worked on building some Harrison consoles in his early music career when not on the road. This particular model was the same used to record Kansas’ Leftoverture in Louisianna. The actual console we’re recording through was used by Styx for their first album, as well as many of Johnny Cash’s records and a slew of other 70’s and 80’s pop and country artists. Ah, the sweet sound of analog is always amazing!

Recently Nashville, like many other cities, issued a “Safer at Home” order for the next few weeks. As many are in quarantine, Shane took a break from the recording process to mix and prepare a section of an Evership’s ProgStock concert to add some entertainment for those also homebound. We thought we’d premier it first for our Evershipenteurs! We hope you enjoy it!

Isle of The Broken Tree (II-IV) – Live Video

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Evership Album Update

Pictured here is James and Shane Atkinson preparing to record guitars for Evership’s 3rd and 4th albums

The recording is going well for Evership’s next project: a two-hour, two-album rock opera adapted from a work by American author Harold Bell Wright in the previous turn of the century. He has the distinction of being the first American author to gross a million dollars from fiction writing and sell a million copies of a novel! More than fifteen movies were made from his stories.

Music composition and demos are done. Lyrics are three-quarters complete. Drums are half-way. The Evership II band is back; Ben Young will be recording bass guitar this month on Part I. Acoustic guitars will be recorded on music row in Nashville in March with John Rose. Last weekend Shane went to Atlanta to record brother-magic (lead guitars) with his brother James.

In other news
Evership’s Shane Atkinson was interviewed with around twenty other modern progressive rock artists (including among others, Robert Berry, Echo Test, Soul Enema, Magenta, Life After Mars, Wobbler) in a new book by Vasileios Yfantis entitled “Is Prog Rock Really Progressive?”. Shane lays out some insights on the matter. You can support this project on Amazon; in paperback and ebook. Very interesting to hear all the different takes on this subject!

A New Book Discussing the Progress in Progressive Rock Music by V. Yfantis

Is Prog Rock really progressive anymore? How do the current Prog bands feel about the genre and its legacy? Do they feel that there is progress in the music they perform? Different Prog artists/bands are being interviewed and answer 5 questions about the current status of the Progressive Rock and its culture. This exploratory research focuses on exploring the present and the future of a music genre that survived through the years due to its innovative nature.

While most of the previous Prog books focus on historical facts of the genre, this journalistic effort is a self-criticism of the genre through the looking glass of modern and active Prog musicians. The book starts with an introduction to Prog Rock by VIAJERO INMÓVIL Records (Argentina) and the rest of the material is divided into chapters that include the musicians’ answers to the following discussion themes:

1. What is progress in Progressive Rock?
2. Is Progressive Rock really progressive?
3. Accepting other music genres as progressive music
4. Next step for the progress of Progressive Rock
5. Technology and Progressive Rock

The participating Prog artists/bands that are being interviewed: Aisles, Anubis, Ant-Bee, EchoTest, Evership, Karakorum, Kotebel, Life After Mars, Light Freedom Revival, Lars Eric Mattson, Liquid Orbit, Magenta, Mouth, Process of Illumination, RTFACT, Robert Berry, Seven Impale, Soul Enema, Sproingg, Terra Collective, Time King, Wobbler, Yang.

The book was written by Vasileios Yfantis who has also authored other thematic books on Punk, Metal and music technology. Next plans for Vasileios Yfantis include the release of a Prog musical album in 2020 and a new book on melodic rock scheduled for release during the early 2021.

Product details
Paperback: 119 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 11, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1548614416
ISBN-13: 978-1548614416

Book Distribution
Paperback version:
E-book version:

About the author
Vasileios Yfantis has been working in the music industry for more than 20 years as a freelance music journalist. Moreover, he holds 2 Master Degrees in Information Technology and he is a Phd candidate in University of West Attica in Greece. Vasileios has presented conference papers in both Europe and Africa. The main areas of his research interests feature: Musicology, Marketing, Information Communications Technology, Digital Entertainment Industry.

1. V. Yfantis, “The Commercial Exploitation Of Color As A Consumer Stimulus” (Greek Edition), Createspace, 2013.
2. V. Yfantis, “The Lost Lyrics” (Greek Edition), Createspace, 2013.
3. V. Yfantis, “Punk Goes Science: The Academic Punk Bibliography”,CreateSpace, 2014.
4. V. Yfantis, “City Streets Of Europe”, Lulu, 2017.
5. V. Yfantis, “Metal Goes Science”, Createspace 2017.
6. V. Yfantis, “Disadvantaged Populations And Technology In Music”, Createspace 2017.
7. V. Yfantis, “Hip Hop Goes Science: Volume I”, Createspace 2019.

For more information about Yfantis books, check out here:

For more information about Yfantis music, check out here:

Evership Featured Video The Serious Room

The Serious Room Lyrics

A cloudy night
At the Fulsom Mansion
In the suburbs
He walks alone
Up familiar stairs
To touch the wall

The hidden door
Reveals a cherry chamber
Light the lamp stand
And draw the drapes
To hide the view
From all the common man

His fingers trace
The row of his
Prize collection
And like a magic trick
A pipe appears on his lips

He murmurs numbers
As the combination 
Cracks the book-safe
He draws the envelope
A hint of smile on his face

He thinks aloud
In The Serious Room
No jokes allowed
In The Serious Room
You pace around
In The Serious Room

He’s found a way
To mix oil and water
To fix the market
A sideways glance at
The picture of a girl
He once knew

They all appear
The boys from thirty-two
Back in the heyday
When things were hard
But he knew exactly 
What to do

They pace around
In The Serious Room
Things going down
In The Serious Room
No jokes allowed
In The Serious Room

There’s a mural on the wall
Old Lord Williamson with Derby’s Pride
How the footman came to call

As he makes himself a drink
He will tell the man to buy and sell
He won’t even have to think

Oh, Oh
The mighty stand in The Serious Room

“Well, things have changed”
He hears Winston say
From behind him
But no one’s there
Just the Theater of the Mind

Headlights outside
A dash to close the safe
And fan out the window
Put on your coat and apron
The master must be home

Don’t get found out
In The Serious Room
He’ll kick you out
Of The Serious Room
You have no clout
In The Serious Room

He thinks aloud
In The Serious Room
No jokes allowed
In The Serious Room
You pace around
In The Serious Room

From the album Evership II

Genre Progressive Rock
Band Members
Beau West Vocals & Shane Atkinson Keyboards
Live band John Rose Guitar, Joel Grumblatt Drums, Ben Young Bass

Nashville-based Rock band delivers powerful but approachable Art Rock. Musically sublime; lyrically poetic. Take the Journey!