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Coronavirus Rhapsody – performed by Shelter Skelter (Timmy Sean, Fernando Perdomo, & Nick Bertling)

Inspired by comedian Dana Jay Bein’s (@danajaybein) Twitter thread of parody lyrics to Queen’s classic “Bohemian Rhapsody,” we decided to do the unthinkable…re-record one of the greatest recordings of all time, with Dana’s lyrics. We hope we did both justice! Recorded in each of our home studios in California and Indiana remotely, we are three multi-instrumentalist producers who came together during the pandemic to form “Shelter Skelter.”

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TIMMY SEAN – lead vocals, guitars, piano, video director & editor

NICK BERTLING AKA Bertling Noise Laboratories – drums, backup vocals, audio mixing & mastering

FERNANDO PERDOMO – bass & vocals

SHELTER SKELTER proudly plays Brian May Guitars, VOX Amps, Magnatone Amps, Tama Drums, Ernie Ball guitar strings, and heavily relied on IK Multimedia’s Amplitube Brian May Collection to replicate Dr. May’s guitar tones on this track.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” written by Freddie Mercury

“Coronavirus Rhapsody” parody lyrics by Dana Jay Bein

Original Lyrics Thread:

Stratospheerius Frontman and Violinist Joe Deninzon Reflects on Bohemian Rhapsody and Meeting Brian May during the “Back to the Light” Tour

Just saw Bohemian Rhapsody, and even though they screwed up a lot of things chronologically and factually, it still captured the essence of Freddie Mercury and brought back a cool memory from when I was 18. Queen was an obsession for me in high school. Their music was a constant soundtrack of my life and I had all their albums. My band at the time wrote many songs inspired by Queen and even learned all the harmonies to “Love of my Life”, including Brian May’s guitar solo, which I transcribed and taught myself to play.

In February of 1993, about a year and a half after Freddie’s death, Brian May put out a great solo album called “Back to the Light.” I heard through the grapevine that he was giving a secret, free concert at the old Agora in Cleveland. I went with my bandmates, Matthew James Murphy and Matthew Parrotta. The show was killer and afterward, we wanted to try to get backstage. It was frigid cold and snowing outside and there was a huge line of people waiting to meet Brian. We were in the back of the line freezing our asses off, so we just started singing as loud as we could, hoping the guy guarding the door would hear us.

All of a sudden, the door opens, someone from the crew along with the drummer Cozy Powell walks up to us and leads us past the crowd straight to the backstage area. There, standing in front of us, was Brain May! We sang him one of our songs and gave him our demo tape. He was very gracious, complimentary, and we chatted for a while. He signed our CD’s and we thanked him.

For what it’s worth, the memory of that night is forever etched in my mind.

Thank you, Brian, Freddie, and Queen for the incredible music and inspiration!
– Joe Deninzon

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