Naryan releases a topical cover of a Mike Oldfield classic

Finnish art rock group Naryan releases a cover of a Mike Oldfield classic “Nuclear” on Friday, December 8th. The track will be included in Naryan’s upcoming fourth album, due to be released in 2024.

We wanted to craft a version of this great song with a fresh vision while maintaining the spirit of the original. The fact that the track celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2024 is just the cherry on top“,states vocalist Tommi Niemi.

The song is also frighteningly topical in the current political climate“, adds guitarist Raino Ketola.

Naryan’s own production is melancholic rock with touches of cinematic, progressive and classical music. On Nuclear, the violin brings a new haunting layer to the track, keeping the band’s trademark sound intact.

Video game references

The original Nuclear is a part of Oldfield’s Man on the Rocks album, but many a fan recognizes the track also from Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer. 

Our own back catalogue features plenty of tracks suitable for cinematic and game productions. It would be great if our version of Nuclear led people to discover our work in more depth“, reflects pianist Linda Kuoppala

A combination of beauty and darkness

Naryan’s active presence in social media TikTok has brought swathes of new listeners to the band during recent months. 

Feedback from new listeners has pushed us to develop our new material even further. Our fourth album is shaping up to be our best to date“, states guitarist and founding member Lauri Kovero

Naryan’s next original single is set to be released early 2024. More live dates including domestic and a select few European shows will be released shortly.

About Naryan

Naryan is a Finnish band, founded in 2005, playing melancholic rock. In addition to their homeland, they’ve played in the Netherlands and Belgium. The band has released 3 full length albums so far and the fourth is currently under construction. Naryan’s music is a combination of beauty, darkness and melancholy.


Tommi Niemi -Vocals
Lauri Kovero -Guitar
Raino Ketola -Guitar
Tommi Tanhuanpää -Drums
Linda Kuoppala -Piano
Jarno Forsman -Bass
Henriina Marin -Violin

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Peter Matuchniak working on solo albums in-between a number of steady projects

Having released four solo albums (2 studio and 2 live), Peter has turned his attention to working with other musicians’ projects and bands such as Kinetic Element (USA), The Steve Bonino Project (USA), Marco Ragni (Italy), Bomber Goggles (USA), Transport Aerian (Belgium), Lobate Scarp (USA), The Steppes (USA), and Gekko Projekt (USA).

“I have a lot of new material, for at least two or three more solo albums, but I wanted to work on other projects to develop myself further as a guitarist and musician. So I took on a lot of session work with several artists around the world covering over 30 songs. At the moment I am finishing up my second album with Kinetic Element – Live in New York and my upcoming 3rd studio solo album.

Peter Matuchniak favors a progressive style of guitar that features melodic solos and graceful chording, clearly influenced by the likes of Steve Hackett (Genesis), Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Andy Latimer (Camel) and Mike Oldfield. Always drawn more to composition and melody above pure technique and over-indulgence, Peter Matuchniak lets sounds and textures guide the music first and foremost.

His compositional style draws from the varied genres he was exposed to at home: a brother into jazz-rock, a sister listening to the latest radio hits, and parents who raised them all on classical music. But the basic element is always progressive rock, and Peter Matuchniak has played with a number of bands in this genre that have garnered attention and reviews, both in London where he grew up as well as in his adopted Southern California home. 

Peter has received enthusiastic reviews from around the world (the latter winning a Grindie Award from RadioINDY). Back in the 1980’s Peter was part of the so-called neo-progressive rock movement with Janysium and Mach One (that were represented by Keith Goodwin, press agent for Yes, Marillion and Rod Argent. He also wrote and recorded jingles in Bombay for commercials that were aired on Indian TV with high-profile artists and accounts, with one such ad winning a CLIO award for public safety.

Solo Album / TBA (2020)
Kinetic Element – Live From New York 2020
Kinetic Element – The Face of Life (2019)
Bomber Goggles – GyreLand (2018)
Marco Ragni – The Wondering Caravan (2018)
Transport Aerian – Therianthrope (2017)
Marco Ragni – Land of Blue Echoes (2016)
Peter Matuchniak –  A Live Destination (2015)
Peter Matuchniak –  A Live Destination Video (2015) Free with CD
Gekko Projekt – Reya of Titan (2015)
Peter Matuchniak –  Destiny (2014)
Peter Matuchniak – Uncovered Live in L.A. (2014)
Gekko Projekt – Electric Forest (2012)
Peter Matuchniak- DVD Uncover Me CD (2012)
Evolve IV – Decadent Light (2007)

Peter Matuchniak Online
Website | Facebook |Bandcamp | Melodic RevolutionReverbNation | YouTube |

Mike Oldfield’s “The Killing Fields” Soundtrack & DVD Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set Now Available For Pre-order!

London – Mike Oldfield’s “The Killing Fields” Soundtrack & DVD Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set is now available for pre-order. “The Killing Fields” is a 1984 British biographical drama film about the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, which is based on the experiences of two journalists: Cambodian Dith Pran and American Sydney Schanberg. It was directed by Roland Joffé and produced by David Puttnam for his company Goldcrest Films. Sam Waterston stars as Schanberg, Haing S. Ngor as Pran, Julian Sands as Jon Swain, and John Malkovich as Al Rockoff. The adaptation for the screen was written by Bruce Robinson; the musical score was written by Mike Oldfield and orchestrated by David Bedford.

The film was a success at the box office as well as being an instant hit with critics. At the 57th Academy Awards it received seven Oscar nominations, including Best Picture; it won three, most notably Best Supporting Actor for Haing S. Ngor, who had had no previous acting experience. At the 38th British Academy Film Awards, it won eight BAFTAs, including Best Film and Best Actor in a Leading Role for Ngor.

In 1999 the British Film Institute voted “The Killing Fields” the 100th greatest British film of the 20th century. In 2016 British film magazine Empire ranked it number 86 in their list of the 100 best British films.

“The Killing Fields” is the 10th record album by Mike Oldfield, originally released in 1984 on Virgin Records. It is the only full-length film score written by Mike Oldfield with the music was orchestrated by David Bedford.

Though Oldfield’s music had been used in films before (see “The Exorcist” and “The Space Movie”), this was the first time he had written specifically for film, and so far the only time. Oldfield composed the album on a Fairlight CMI.

Like many movies, the album is not a comprehensive record of all the Oldfield soundtrack music used in the film. Most notably, the music accompanying the darkroom sequence does not feature on the album.

Oldfield’s work on the score was partially instigated by Virgin boss Richard Branson when he took Oldfield to see David Puttnam, a producer on the film, which then secured him the role. Oldfield spent six months working on the score for “The Killing Fields” before going on tour, but when Oldfield returned, the producers of the film asked for more music to be written, prompting Oldfield to ask for the use of an orchestra and a choir; three months later the score was finished.


“Pran’s Theme”
“Requiem for a City”
“Pran’s Theme 2”
“Bad News”
“Pran’s Departure”
“The Year Zero”
“Blood Sucking”
“The Year Zero 2”
“Pra’’s Escape” / “The Killing Fields”
“The Trek”
“The Boy’s Burial” / “Pran Sees the Red Cross”
“Good News”
“Evacuation (Single edit)” (Bonus track)
“Étude (Single edit)” (Bonus track)


Mike Oldfield – guitars (Gibson Les Paul Junior and SG Junior), synthesizers (including Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Oberheim OB-Xa, DMX and Roland VP 330), Fairlight computer, producer, engineer.
Preston Heyman – oriental percussion
Morris Pert – percussion
Eberhard Schoener – conductor
Bavarian State Orchestra
Tölzer Boys Choir

This deluxe box set brings together both the soundtrack CD and the film DVD for the first time, along with reproduction memorabilia from the film and a numbered certificate. This edition is bound to be a collector’s item for both fans of Mike Oldfield and of the movie alike!

Box Set comprises of:

Numbered certificate
With reproductions of:
Lobby cards,
A3 poster,
Press Pack (In English),
German Press Book
10″ × 8″ black and white promotional photos

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Excalibur Set Sights On Germany For The Celtic Rock Opera Tour

Excalibur - The Celtic Rock Opera

There is a reason why Excalibur is visiting Germany in winter 2016. The heartwarming legend of knightliness and honor lightens up the cold months of the year and entwines the soul into the mythologies of the story. In the biggest venues of Germany you can listen – side by side with thousands of like-minded people – to the rock-opera-saga of the sword of swords, which destroys the darkness of late evening hours with Celtic sounds and roaring pyrotechnics.


A legend visits the federal republic

Even the start of the new show will be spectacular: From the moment of December 1st when the dragon illuminates the Olymphiahalle, Munich and enchants thousands of fans with the fight of Good and Bad. After the Excalibur shows in Basel, Nurenberg and Freiburg the rock opera even pays a visit to the highly modern convention centre of Erfurt, which is well known for its fabulous acoustics and wide array of international stars like Depeche Mode.

After Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Dortmund, Excalibur finally – with one of the last shows during this fantastic journey – reaches the Mercedes-Benz-Arena in Berlin, our capital. The arena along the Spree river can hold up to 20,000 Excalibur fans and is sure to impress the audience with modern sound engineering, which will add to the show around King Arthur. After some more shows in Bremen and Hamburg the rock opera’s final curtain will fall in Leipzig with a fantastic finale and one final performance of the roundtable’s destiny.

On musical trails

Whoever feels called out to prove that the virtues of knightliness are still waiting for their awakening deep within the hearts of mankind, should book a ticket right away. The Celtic rock opera Excalibur brings the medieval myth with Merlin, Arthur and singing knights, to top notch venues around Germany and is a widely interactive show. You can make yourself a part of the saga. There is no doubt that this folk-rock-delicacy, led by the luminary Michael Mendl as Merlin, will stick in your mind for a very long time…

The Soloist

Moya Brennan (Clannad), Michael Sadler (SAGA), Eric Fish (Subway to Sally), John Kelly and Maite Itoiz (Elfenthal), Bob & Jesse Siebenberg and John Helliwell (Supertramp), Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Maggie Reilly (Mike Oldfield), Dun Aengus (Roberto Tiranti), Siobhan Owen + Special guest and band and Michael Mendl as Merlin.

Michael Mendi – A Merlin like no other

Merlin smirks and mocks, considers and acts. He himself stands by the knights of the roundtable and supports their attempt to re-awaken the six virtues of knightliness. It’s not an easy task and therefore only Michael Mendl – one of the biggest character actors in the German drama and theatrical world – can become the great wizard of the rock opera Excalibur.

A life for the stage

In his early student times Michael Mendl, residing in Vienna and Essen at that time, studied theatre and drama play and soon after started his career as an actor at state- and national theaters throughout Germany, reaching from Berlin to Munich. In the 1970s and 1980s he began to engage his energetic acting with TV appearances and got discovered by a whole new audience.

Even back then his performances in “Derrick” and in the “Tatort” were honoured by newspapers, before he completely subscribed his life to film and television in the 1990s. He distinguished himself amongst others in “Kleine Haie” under the direction of Sönke Wortmann and keeps on delighting the public with character roles like in “Der Untergang” and “Soweit die Füße tragen”. His acting as the character of German chancellor Willy Brand in the documentary “Im Schatten der Macht” earned him a Goldene Kamera (German movie award) as best German actor.

A Merlin that nobody has seen before and that nobody ever forgets…

Michael Mendl’s wizard in Excalibur is not a passive spectator or even the wise guy in the back. Instead he is a very complex and active character, who can make you see into the depths of medieval soul at any time during his acting.

Mendl presents his character with energy and dynamic, without losing the gratitude and dignity of the legendary Celtic fairytale figure. It’s a great achievement that couldn’t be performed by any other actor than him. Excalibur is his story. It is the story of wizard and the knights of the roundtable. It is the story of the audience – and you will find yourself involved in the charming and frightening spells of an ancient world.

Orchestra and The Band in perfect symbiosis

As soon as Merlin and the knights of the round table enter the stage, in order to take away the audience to foreign lands of the Arthur saga, you will not only be taken through one of the biggest legends of all time with rock music, but also via the classic string notes of the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Martin Sanda. Where the rock music represents the harshness of the Celtic middle ages, the Symphonic Orchestra will enchant their listeners with the airwaves of myths and stories.

16 years of music

When the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Prague was founded in the year 2000, nobody knew what journey lay ahead of those educated, classic musicians.

From the beginning, the Orchestra has been able to prove their high standard of professionalism, with both the full cast of 70 musicians and a small chamber music ensemble.

The orchestra demonstrated their vast diversity in interests and their devotion to art by performing classical works from Mozart to Antonin Dvorak, with music of the Czech pop sensation Iveta Bartosova over to film- and gaming-soundtracks or musicals to stage adaptions of Jeff Waynes “War of the Worlds”.

The passion for rock music was demonstrated in the years of 2010 to 2015 with their engagement at “Rock meets Classic”, they had the chance to tour with the central masterminds of legendary rock acts such as Deep Purple, Status Quo or Alice Cooper. During that time they created breathtaking new interpretations of some of world’s biggest rock