Naryan releases a topical cover of a Mike Oldfield classic

Finnish art rock group Naryan releases a cover of a Mike Oldfield classic “Nuclear” on Friday, December 8th. The track will be included in Naryan’s upcoming fourth album, due to be released in 2024.

We wanted to craft a version of this great song with a fresh vision while maintaining the spirit of the original. The fact that the track celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2024 is just the cherry on top“,states vocalist Tommi Niemi.

The song is also frighteningly topical in the current political climate“, adds guitarist Raino Ketola.

Naryan’s own production is melancholic rock with touches of cinematic, progressive and classical music. On Nuclear, the violin brings a new haunting layer to the track, keeping the band’s trademark sound intact.

Video game references

The original Nuclear is a part of Oldfield’s Man on the Rocks album, but many a fan recognizes the track also from Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer. 

Our own back catalogue features plenty of tracks suitable for cinematic and game productions. It would be great if our version of Nuclear led people to discover our work in more depth“, reflects pianist Linda Kuoppala

A combination of beauty and darkness

Naryan’s active presence in social media TikTok has brought swathes of new listeners to the band during recent months. 

Feedback from new listeners has pushed us to develop our new material even further. Our fourth album is shaping up to be our best to date“, states guitarist and founding member Lauri Kovero

Naryan’s next original single is set to be released early 2024. More live dates including domestic and a select few European shows will be released shortly.

About Naryan

Naryan is a Finnish band, founded in 2005, playing melancholic rock. In addition to their homeland, they’ve played in the Netherlands and Belgium. The band has released 3 full length albums so far and the fourth is currently under construction. Naryan’s music is a combination of beauty, darkness and melancholy.


Tommi Niemi -Vocals
Lauri Kovero -Guitar
Raino Ketola -Guitar
Tommi Tanhuanpää -Drums
Linda Kuoppala -Piano
Jarno Forsman -Bass
Henriina Marin -Violin

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