Wings of Destiny Release “Forever” Video Featuring, Timo Tolkki and Ballads Details

Wings of Destiny to release a brand new album ” Ballads ” the first single ” FOREVER ”  Features Timo Tolkki (Avalon, Revolution Renaissance, Stratovarius) on the guitar.

Wings of Destiny release epic video Forever feat, Timo Tolkki from upcoming Ballads album due out later this year…

Video & Single “Forever”
Album: “Ballads”
Filmed & Directed by Sasha Stone
Photography by Sasha Stone
Anton Darusso – vocals & keyboards
Timo Tolkki – acoustic guitars

Music & Lyrics by Timo Tolkki
Arrangements: Anton Darusso Acoustic guitars recorded by Timo Tolkki, homestudio [Finland]
Vocals & Orchestra recorded by Juan Pablo Calvo, Bushido Audioproduction Studio [Costa Rica]
Mixed & Mastered by Alexey Stetsyuk, Grave Town Studios [Belorussia]


Tentative tracklisting
1. Forever (feat. Timo Tolkki)
2. Cold Winter night [* new]
3. One more Lie [*new]
4. Wake me UP (feat. Henning Basse) [acoustic]
5. I saw an angel cry [remastered]
6. Light a candle [*new]
7. Nothing lasts forever [remastered]
8. Oblivion & Sirens Song [remastered]
9. Eternity 2020 [remastered]
10. Time [acoustic] [remastered]
11. *Bonus track for physical release: Speed of Light (Stratovarius cover).

Album art album by Harley Velasquez

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Wings of Destiny Release Brave New World Video for Upcoming Single and Album

Power Metal band Wings of Destiny have signed with Melodic Revolution Records for their upcoming album Brave New World Due out late fall 2017

Melodic Revolution Records is very excited to be working with Wings of Destiny for the release of “Brave New World.”

Wings of Destiny, previously called Destiny, is a Power Metal band from Costa Rica formed in late 2013 by vocalist Anton Darusso and bassist Bryan S. Molina, with strong influences from bands like Angra, Helloween and Rhapsody, among others. The band’s first release Time (2015) received an award for Best Metal Album in 2016 presented by ACAM: Association of Composers and Musical Authors of Costa Rica.

Artwork: Caio Caldas (Brazil)

Brave New World video and production credits
Recorded at Studios Bushido
Mastered at Drygvae Studios
Mix & Sound Engineering Destinty Juan Pablo Calvo (Costa Rica)
Mastering Aleksei Stetsyuk (Belorussia) Studios Bushido – Costa Rica & Drygvae Studios- Belorussia
Produced by: AntonDarusso, Alejandro Amador & Cristian Jimenez
Co-produced by: Juan Pablo Calvo
Orchestral arrangements: Anton Darusso
Song arrangements: Anton Darusso, Juan Pablo Calvo and Wings of Destiny
Video by: 351 Studios, NY, US

Today Wings of Destiny release  “Brave New World” a lyrical video from their upcoming album “Brave New World,” it’s also the first single to be released on July 21st via all popular digital retailers worldwide. Brave New World was originally released in1988 by the Russian band Kruiz.

Wings of Destiny Is.
Anton Darusso – Vocals
Alejandro Amador – Keyboards
Dani Chaves – Guitar
Cristian Jiménez – Guitar
Emil Minott – Bass
Roberto Ulloa – Drums

“In the song Brave New World, humankind’s mistakes have finally destroyed the Earth. Only a few are saved and seek a brave new world to live in and start a new life”


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