New Album Feat. Jake Livgren drops on Waterfall!

We’ve got the debut album of a great new band launching today on waterfall.  Many of you will know Jake Livgren who sings on this album from Jesus Christ: The Exorcist and The Dreamer – Joseph: Part 1 (and also part 2!) 

The band, Emerald City Council is an American progressive rock band, formed in 2021 out of a recording project produced by saxophonist/keyboardist Brent Bristow. The band features vocalist Jake Livgren (Proto-Kaw, Kerry Livgren) and drummer Noah Hungate (The Band Perry, son of Toto’s David Hungate), along with Jeremy Nichols (Erin Coburn) on bass, and up and coming guitarist Seth Hankerson. Brandon Goff, Associate Professor of Music Industry at Francis Marion University, has also contributed significant guitar work as special collaborator to the band.

Bristow, Professor of Music at Arkansas State University-Beebe, began the project to record some of his original material, in which he wanted to feature the saxophone in a non-jazz context to show the versatility of the instrument. The rhythm section of Hungate, Nichols, and Hankerson clicked very quickly with impeccable musicianship, and Livgren’s range and versatility as a vocalist brought greater depth and meaning to the lyrics and melodies.

After hearing the early results of these sessions, Casey McPherson (Flying Colors, Alpha Rev) suggested that they move beyond merely recording together and actually form a band. Adopting Livgren’s suggested name of Emerald City Council, the band is eager to perform live shows in the near future!

You can hear their debut album, Motion Carries, streaming today along with lots more music from my and other artists catalogues.

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Emerald City Council Release Ice Thinning the Bands First Single

Emerald City Council just released Ice Thinning the band’s 1st single from the upcoming debut album Motion Carries due out in early 2024. 

This challenging composition demonstrates the ability level and versatility of the group, while still providing strong melodic hooks that will make you want to sing along. The harmony and interplay of the guitar and soprano saxophone create a unique texture that is a prominent feature of the ECC sound. It blends a variety of musical styles, including a tribute to Jake’s uncle, the great Kerry Livgren, and lyrically, it is a call to set aside differences and hatred to find common ground. For fans of prog or people who just enjoy great rock music, this is the song for you!

Emerald City Council are:
Jake Livgren-lead and backing vocals, keyboard
Noah Hungate-drums
Jeremy Nichols-bass
Seth Hankerson-guitar
Brent Bristow-saxophones, keyboards, recorder, guitar, vocals
Music and Lyrics by Brent Bristow
Produced by Brent Bristow

About Emerald City Council:
The band features vocalist Jake Livgren (Proto-Kaw, Kerry Livgren), drummer Noah Hungate (The Band Perry, son of Toto’s David Hungate), Jeremy Nichols (Erin Coburn) on bass, up-and-coming guitarist Seth Hankerson, and saxophonist/keyboardist Brent Bristow (Professor of Music at Arkansas State University-Beebe). Brandon Goff, Associate Professor of Music Industry at Francis Marion University, has also contributed significant guitar work as a special collaborator to the band.

The album includes several guest appearances, including guitar solos from Paul Bielatowicz (Carl Palmer, Neal Morse), and Mike Thompson (The Sons of Kirk), plus contributions from actors Jeffery Combs (Star Trek, Re-Animator) and Steve Rankin (Star Trek, X-Files).

Multi-Grammy/Emmy-winning engineer and producer Jamie Tate, an important member of the ECC team, mixed and mastered the material at the Rukkus Room Studio in Nashville. Artist Thomas Ewerhard provided the cover artwork that perfectly captures the spirit of the music.

Watch the Video Here

Emerald City Council Online
Bandcamp Store:

Melodic Revolution Records Online

Argentinian Progressive Art Rock Band Arnoldo’s Lizards Release Sophomore Album Happy Without Your Consent

December 1st, 2023

Melodic Revolution Records is thrilled to announce Arnoldo’s Lizards is back with “Happy Without Your Consent” their follow-up to the digital-only album “Satanic Attack or Divine Punishment” released in 2021, and the new album features eight new songs including the singles, Tonight, Keep it On, and American Dream.

Happy Without Your Consent” began to take shape in late 2021 amid a series of catastrophic coincidences that filtered through music as a healing method.

The entire album is intense. It exposes the routines we subject ourselves to day in and day out, often without full awareness of how others’ actions impact our sleep at night. Starting with ‘American Dream,’ a song dedicated to those who believe they can live at the expense of others’ dreams, shattering everything in their path for a glimpse of power, the album aims to reflect on the constant contradiction we experience just by being humans. We touch, destroy, rebuild, and are reborn again.

Vanity, betrayal, anger, and distrust are the emotions harbored within this album, aspiring to convey a clear message: no matter what happens, our only path is to never stop creating art.

Defying political correctness, we offer a message to be explored internally and another to surrender to intensity in a nighttime mosh pit. The album believes in the fusion of euphoria and joy within a worn-out and discouraged individual because that’s why we live: to sing about the broken and to remind them that as long as there is life, there are reasons to create.


1. American Dream 03:35
2. Keep It On 02:39
3. Porno Star 02:26
4. Arabic Song 03:21
5. Tonight 02:46
6. Mood Of Dance 03:18
7. I Suprise You 03:22
8. Think It All 03:01

The Band

Alvare Goco: lead vocals and backing vocals.
Jack Dimensions: backing vocals, keyboards, Hammond, synthesizers and programming.
Ezequiel Volpe: bass.
Gustavo Ciambotti: drums.
Elías Ciambotti: electric guitars.
Enrico Barboza: electric guitars.
Juan Anté: electric guitars.
Nacho Sosa: electric guitars.
Andres Guazzelli: backing Vocals, additional programming.
Willjoy: vocals.
Wilko Wilkes: vocals.

Additional Credits

Recorded at Ombligo con Pelusa Records, La Nona Studio, REDRUM, (Mar del Plata, Argentina)
and Ringo Records, La Plata, Argentina.
Mixed by Andres Guazzelli at REDRUM, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Mastered by Andres Guazzelli at REDRUM, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Artwork by Agustin Pannagio, Argentina.
Produced by Jack Dimensions.

The band infuses Progressive Art Rock with a dash of Avant-garde, Dance, Pop, and many other influences. 

Arnoldo’s Lizards Online


Melodic Revolution Records Online

Aethellis Releases New Album The Affinity Oeuvre 

The 4th album by Aethellis is now available worldwide and features a collection of instrumentals and songs with lyrics that reflect the challenges people have faced in the past few years. The music styles are eclectic as well, ranging from prog-rock to new wave to pop to jazz fusion; the diversity being representative of the diverse situations people have experienced recently. 

The latest Aethellis release differs from the previous three as the spotlight is on guitarist/vocalist Mark Van Natta, both compositionally and vocally. Ellsworth Hall and Erik Marks still contributed to the album, however, adding their signature composition styles.

The album The Affinity Oeuvre is available as a limited edition pressing and as a digital download.

1. Anandia 12:36
2. Affinifunk 03:26
3. Pathdancer 05:28
4. Dreams On Pause 03:40
5. Do Like I Do 03:15
6. Chicago News 03:35
7. Another Car 04:23
8. Let Me Be Me 03:33
9. The Stennis Compromise 02:09 
10. Why Do You Keep Fighting 05:03 
11. RIP 04:32

Aethellis is:

Ellsworth Hall – Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar, Drum Controller 
Mark Van Natta – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Erik Marks – Bass

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ellstudio, Timonium MD, USA 
Portions recorded at the Van Natta home studio, Cockeysville MD, USA

Aethellis Online

Melodic Revolution Records Online

Aethellis Front Man Ellsworth Hall Releases Remastered Album of Conversations With George Edgar Selby

The Remaster of Ellsworth Hall’s orchestral solo album Conversations With George Edgar Selby provides added warmth to the mixes but still allows the power and crispness to shine through. It includes Ellsworth’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in four movements, the soundtrack music to the video production of Beside The Manor Selby (which he also wrote and directed), and a bonus track “Checkers’ Rhapsody” which was composed in his late teens and clocks in over 11 minutes. The song from the album “In Grief Unbound” was awarded Semi-Finalist placement in the VH1 2014 Song of the Year Contest.


Piano Concerto No.1

1) Lento e Allegro (6:47)
2) Andante e Presto (6:28)
3) Allegro Moderato (4:03)
4) Andante (7:25)

Beside the Manor Selby – Motion Picture Soundtrack

5) Beside the Manor Selby Overture (2:46)
6) Newsreel (1:16)
7) After Ferdinand (0:56)
8) Round About the Garden (1:06)
9) The Archduke Earsworth (5:07)
10) The Tower (1:40)
11) Gather the Heirlooms (3:33)
12) La Masque a Enleve (2:25)
13) Verdun (5:33)
14) Undone in Verdun (2:17)
15) Here Lies a Wretched Corpse (5:07)
16) In Grief Unbound (3:54) 

Ellsworth Hall is best known as the front man: Vocalist and Keyboardist for the Neo-Prog band Aethellis whose self-titled debut album was self-released in 2004 and the follow-up album Northumbria was released by Melodic Revolution Records in 2011 with much praise from fans and critics alike. And so, it begins three years later, Ellsworth returns with his first solo album “Conversations with George Edgar Shelby” a classical soundtrack album that features the music from the WWI epic Beside the Manor Selby which Ellsworth directed and wrote.

“The Archduke Earsworth” originally from the three-movement piece The Blind Potentate. Ellsworth performs on a Steinway grand piano along with the vibrant sound of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, to be released in July the track listing is as follows.