Prog Legends Nektar Return With Stunning New Studio Album “The Other Side”

The Stunning New Studio Album From Legendary Nektar – Released January 24, 2020, on Esoteric Antenna

Esoteric Antenna is delighted to announce the release of the stunning new studio album by the legendary band Nektar. Throughout the 1970s Nektar released a series of acclaimed albums, scoring chart success in Germany (where the British band was based) and later in the USA (where the band relocated). Following the passing of original guitarist/vocalist Roye Albrighton in 2016, fellow founder members Derek “Mo” Moore (bass, vocals), Ron Howden (drums, vocals) & Mick Brockett (lyrics, visual conceptions) reunited in late 2018 along with Randy Dembo (bass, 12-string guitar), Ryche Chlanda (guitar, vocals) & Kendall Scott (keyboards) to begin work on a new album.

Ryche Chlanda originally recorded with Nektar in 1978, and for “The Other Side” the band updated some of those ideas which evolved in the basement of Mo Moore’s house in Chatham, New Jersey. Ron Howden, Mo and Ryche collaborated on much of the music heard on the album. The 1978 unrecorded song “Skypilot” has evolved into “Skywriter” in 2020. With new lyrics by Mick, Mo and Ryche

“I’m On Fire” is the musical adaptation of a poem written by Mo for his soon-to-be wife, Nicki, during that same time period of 1978. The closing track, “Devil’s Door”, was originally performed live in 1974, but never featured on a Nektar album. Updated and recorded for this album, the song features the presence of the late Roye Albrighton on the introduction to the track, whose wonderful guitar part was taken from a live soundboard recording made in 1974.

Kendall Scott’s distinctive & versatile keyboard presence has enhanced this considerably, whilst Randy Dembo, who originally joined Nektar in 2004, brings a uniting presence on 12-string and bass guitars, rounding out the instrumental arrangements. Ron Howden has been a continual driving force of the band, weathering all versions of Nektar since its conception in 1969. With Mick Brockett now back in the fold (with his visual concepts and ideas as an essential part of the band making the music and light theatre a reality). “The Other Side” is a stunning album from a legendary band.

1. I’m On Fire
2. SkyWriter
3. Love is / The Other Side
4. Drifting
5. Devil’s Door
6. The Light Beyond
7. Look Through me
8. Y Can’t
I B more like U (2020)

To pre-order:

Nektar US Tour Dates
JANUARY 8 – Sellersville, PA (Sellersville Theater)
JANUARY 9 – Kennet Square, PA (Kennet Flash)
JANUARY 10 – Dunellen, NJ (NJ ProgHouse @ Roxy & Dukes) 
JANUARY 11 – Baltimore, MD (Orion Studio)
JANUARY 12 – Baltimore, MD (Orion Studio)
JANUARY 14 – New York, NY (The Iridium)
JANUARY 15 – New York, NY (The Iridium)
JANUARY 16 – New York, NY (The Iridium) 2 shows
FEBRUARY 09 – Manchester, NH (Roxy Theater)
FEBRUARY 10 – Cambridge, Boston, MA (The Middle East Upstairs)
FEBRUARY 11 – Northampton, MA (The Iron Horse)
FEBRUARY 12 – Pawling, NY (Daryl’s House)
FEBRUARY 20 – Albany, NY (Linda WAMC)
FEBRUARY 21 – Auburn, NY (Auburn Public Theater)
FEBRUARY 22 – Hamburg, NY (Hamburg Palace Theater)
FEBRUARY 23 – Toronto, ON (The Garrison)
FEBRUARY 25 – Westland Detroit MI (The Token lounge)
FEBRUARY 26 – Cleveland, OH (Beachland Ballroom)
FEBRUARY 28 – Cincinnati, OH (Ludlow Garage)
FEBRUARY 29 – Indianapolis, IN (Irving Theater)
MARCH 01 – Chicago, IL (Reggie’s)
MARCH 02 – Milwaukee WI (Shank Hall)
MARCH 03 – Minneapolis, MN (Granada Theater)
MARCH 04 – Kansas City KS (Record Bar)
MARCH 05 – Edwardsville, IL (Wildey Theater) (SOLD OUT)
MARCH 06 – Edwardsville, IL (Wildey Theater)
MARCH 07 – Edwardsville, IL (Wildey Theater) 2 shows (BOTH SHOWS SOLD OUT)
MARCH 08 – Fayetteville AR, (George’s Majestic Lounge)

For more information:
YouTube: Nektar The Legendary Rock Band:


Magic Sword Announce Second LP and Tour

For the uninitiated, Magic Sword might seem like a conceptual quagmire. But we assure you, their universe (or, multiverse as they would say) is rich with lore and next-level artistry. 

Comprised of three inter-dimensional / interplanetary beings–The Keeper (keyboards), The Seer (guitar) and The Weaver (drums)–Magic Sword encompasses graphic novels, soundtracks, and live performances. Armed with a musical and visual aesthetic that has its roots unabashedly buried deep in the golden era of the ‘70s and ‘80s fantasy and sci-fi, the trio has helped give rise to the emerging “retro wave” and “synth-wave” movements. 

Their second full-length album, Endless, is a 50-minute 11-song album of instrumental epics. Released on the heels of 2019’s 30-minute EP AwakeningEndless chronicles the trio of Immortals as they lead the charge against evil in the ongoing Magic Sword multiverse. On March 27, the multiverse will align to bring the people of the land together for the birth of their album, followed by a tour of the realm searching for the greater good. Or so we’re told. 

The VIP Edition is limited to 400 hand-numbered copies on the badass Empress Blue & Black Galactic Swirl vinyl with Red splatter (pictured below) and comes with 10″x6″ Comic Book. 

Magic SwordEndless(March 27, 2020) 
1. Depths of Power
2. Invincible
3. Aftermath
4. Empress
5. Shores of Oblivion
6. Prophecy
7. Corruption
8. Ritual
9. A New Quest
10. Hope
11. Endless


March 27 – Treefort Festival – Boise, ID*
March 29 – Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ*
March 31 – Barracuda – Austin, TX*
April 01 – Gas Monkey Bar & Grill – Dallas, TX*
April 03 – Masquerade – Atlanta, GA*
April 04 – Soundbar – Orlando, FL*
April 05 – Motorco – Durham, NC*
April 07 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD*
April 08 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY*
April 10 – Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA*
April 11 – The Sinclair – Boston, MA*
April 13 – L’Anti Bar & Spectacles – Quebec City, QC*
April 14 – Fairmount Theatre – Montreal, QC*
April 15 – Mod Club – Toronto, ON*
April 16 – The Loving Touch – Ferndale, MI*
April 17 – Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL*
April 18 – Turf Club – Minneapolis, MN*
April 19 – The Granada – Lawrence, KS*
April 20 – Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO*
April 22 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT*
April 24 – Great American Music Hall – San Francisco, CA*
April 25 – Teragram Ballroom – Los Angeles, CA*
May 01 – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR*
May 02 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA

** w/ Dance With The Dead

Dig deeper into the lore:

Magic Sword is an ageless tale of good and evil told through an ever-expanding graphic novel with each volume accompanied by an original, synth-heavy soundtrack as well as immersive live performances. With the three mediums intertwined from conception, together they create an epic experience for those bold enough to bear witness and come away with a deeper understanding of the ultimate hero’s journey. Armed with a musical and visual aesthetic that has its roots unabashedly buried deep in the golden era of the ‘70s and ‘80s fantasy and sci-fi, Magic Sword’s followers are called to another plane of existence where the struggle between light and shadow becomes all too real. The multiverse has aligned to bring the people of the land together for the birth of their album Endless, followed by a tour of the realm searching for the greater good.

The Immortals are:
The Keeper of the Magic Sword – red, keyboards
The Seer of All Truths – blue, guitar
The Weaver of all Hearts and Souls – yellow, drums

The Immortals give a direct account of their vision:

“In the beginning there was light… and darkness. A creation of perfect balance. As time passed, evil spread over the land like a plague, slowly consuming everything in its path. In the final moments, before the light was lost to the shadow for all time, a weapon of infinite power was created, the Magic Sword. Thus, restoring balance to the universe.

The genesis of things is
often small. As the single seed grows to a mighty oak, so too did the path of the Keeper begin as a single choice in an age long past. Once a humble king, they were manipulated into unknowingly unleashing the Dark One. All of reality was torn asunder as the Lord of Shadow was released from their ancient prison, having been bound only by the power contained within the Magic Sword. From that day forth, the King was cursed to be the immortal Keeper of this powerful key. He has been relentlessly compelled for millennia to find the Chosen One who will one day unleash the true power of the weapon and cannot rest until the grand design is seen complete with the Darkness bound once again.

Little is known of The Lord of Shadow but death and decay. Since the release from his ancient prison by the hapless Keeper of the Magic Sword, he has pulled all of the existence slowly toward himself in a vortex of darkness and destruction. Any wayward soul that he touches is corrupted to their ultimate demise. He uses his followers, acolytes of death, with no more regard than any other, for his reason for being is simply to end all things. Ensuingly, the forces of good have been searching for the Light to push him back into his eternal prison. The key to operating this cell is the Magic Sword; when wielded by the Chosen One, it has the power to return balance to the Universe.

The Keeper of the Magic Sword searches endlessly for the Chosen One. With the help of the other Immortals, The Seer of All Things and The Weaver of Hearts and Minds, they are ever trying to stem the tide of the Great Shadow from engulfing all life. Through time and space itself, The Immortals are pulled by the power of the Magic Sword to those who hunger for true justice. Whenever the need is great, they appear with the Magic Sword and a high stakes proposition for those who are pure of heart, perpetually hoping that their search is finally over.

This prophesied being contained the ability to wield the power of the Magic Sword and seal the prison that holds Dark One for all eternity. Only then will The Keeper, The Seer, and The Weaver be able to rest. Until the chosen one is revealed, the search continues in this realm and many others throughout all of time and space. In what form will the Magic Sword manifest? Who is the Chosen One? Will it be you? Answers will reveal themselves as the need arises. A tale of high adventure as old as time itself.”

Discography and corresponding novels:

Volume 1: Magic Sword (LP)
Volume 2, Chapter 1: Legend (EP)
Volume 2, Chapter 2: Awakening (EP)
Volume 2, Chapter 3: Endless (LP)

Follow Magic Sword



Passion is a new British hard rock band inspired by the ’80s and 90’s giants of the genre. The first single, “Trespass on Love” was actually the first song written for the album and the spark that ignited singer Lion Ravarez (a/k/a Dan Rossall) to start the band. “It was from here that I decided to go on and assemble PASSION as a band and produce our debut album,” says Lion. “The song is perhaps a little more mellow than the rest of the album, but it’s certainly rich with influences that hail from the melodic rock and AOR genres. We wanted our first music video to showcase PASSION’s attitude and sense of humor, it’s very tongue-in-cheek. We hope that anyone new who discovers us will understand that we just want to put a smile on their face. The music video was directed by Jay Hillyer and we shot the footage at Impossible Nightclub in Manchester, UK.”

The concept behind PASSION is simple: great musicianship, great songwriting, memorable melodies, and hooks, serve the song first. “In addition to this,” continues Lion “we wanted to create an act using fictional characters (hence the names) as we feel humor is positive after all this is the entertainment industry. Don’t let that confuse you though, we’re not a joke band. We’re deeply passionate about creating high-quality rock music and we’re also very enthusiastic about entertaining an audience.”

PASSION play straight up melodic hard rock, with bold and excitable hooks and alluring musicality. “We love soulful vocals with razor-sharp highs, memorable guitar riffs, and tasteful solos. If you like “songs”, then you’ll enjoy PASSION. I’m confident that we can make a mark on the rock and metal scenes the world over, it just takes time, but we’re gonna get there, I promise,” concludes Lion.

An absolute must for fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith, KISS, Danger Danger, Foreigner, Journey, Ratt, Van Halen, and the like.

1. Intensity
2. Trespass On Love
3. Too Bad For Baby
4. Lost In The Dark
5. Back
6. Victims Of Desire
7. We Do What We Want
8. Built To Please
9. She Bites Hard
10. Big Game

Lion Ravarez – Vocals
Chance Vanderlain – Guitar
Weston James – Bass
Bobby Laker – Drums

Passion online


Sonic Divide “Come Back Again” with Second Studio Album

Melodic Revolution Records is pleased to announce the first single and music video from Australian rock band Sonic Divide titled “Come Back Again” from their upcoming second album “The Other Side”. 

The Sophomore album was completed late 2019 in Adelaide, Australia and produced by Sean Timms at Timms Tunes Studio and will be available in the first half of 2020. The single Come Back Again is available worldwide via all your favorite digital retailers including: 
CD Baby:
as well as your favorite streaming services: Pandora Tidal, Spotify, etc;

“Sonic Divide is extremely excited that after a 5-year wait, the second album and first single are ready for release,” said the band’s management. 

“Come Back Again is one of our favorite tracks to play live and we hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy performing it”.

The Band
Wayne Holden – Lead Vocals
Glenn Johnson – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andy Young – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ian Slade – Bass, Backing Vocals
Evan Johnson – Drums, Backing Vocals
Steve Pirie – Guitars, Backing Vocals

The Other Side (2020) CD & Digital – Melodic Revolution Records
Sonic Divide (2013) CD & Digital – Self-Released

Listen // Buy // Share Links
CD Baby:

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Romanian artist and musician COSTIN CHIOREANU is set to debut “Midnight Cemetery”, a guided Virtual Reality tour, at 2020’s Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway, which this year takes place from the 9th to the 12th April.

Taking place at the Rockefeller venue, “Midnight Cemetery” is a visual rendition of “Afterlife Romance”,  the recent album by CHIOREANU and Greek singer  SOFIA SARRI, which was released on Dark Essence Records at the end of last year.  CHIOREANU, who joined forces with fellow artist and musician ADRIAN TABACARU to make this vision a reality,  tells us something about the event:

“Midnight Cemetery”  is a  guided Virtual Reality tour that encompasses the complete story of the album “Afterlife Romance” and takes it to the maximum level of insanity. In what will be the worldwide premiere of “Midnight Cemetery” , you will literally be able to enter my personal visual world through the medium of Virtual Reality.  And there you will be able to interact with elements of this dark and strange realm thanks to the alien-skilled ADRIAN TABACARU. 

We suggest you might like to visit our stand, which you will find at the Rockefeller artist area,  before your first beer -otherwise you will might remain trapped in the Midnight Cemetery…forever.

Through his art and video productions, COSTIN CHIOREANU has a long history of collaboration with many of the Dark Essence Records bands, as well as bands and artists like Rune Eriksen of MAYHEM, AURA NOIR and EARTH ELECTRIC, AT THE GATES, GHOST, SIGH and VULTURE INDUSTRIES.  But many fans may not have been aware, until recently, that this devotee of avant-garde is also a talented musician who uses a wide range of effects to create never-before heard  sounds with his guitar.

ADRIAN TABACARU is the other creative half of  the “Midnight Cemetery” Virtual Reality experience, building the whole structure and giving life to CHIOREANU’s illustrations.  After graduating from the Music University, TABACARU gained a huge amount of advanced knowledge in the field of interactive music composition and performing arts,  receiving a master’s degree for his professional practices. His musical inspiration comes from Classical music, Jazz Fusion, Electronic music and Progressive Rock.  Today, TABACARU is a much-respected drummer, musician, composer and multimedia artist, playing together with Costin Chioreanu and Sofia Sarri in the band ARAC. He has a wide range of activities including live performances, music composition, video production and multimedia art installations, and has recently concentrated his focus on Virtual Reality experiences.

Also a fan of metal and avant-garde, SOFIA SARRI is a vocalist with a breadth of artistic vision and talent that frees her from any kind of genre-imposed shackles.  Having recorded with artists associated with free jazz, improvisation and polyphonic choirs, her  2017 solo album “Euphoria” allowed her to fully utilise her wide-ranging, unearthly,  vocals that move with ease from graceful fragility, to wild, and powerful abandon.

More details about the “Midnight Cemetery” can be found on the Facebook event at

A video by CHIOREANU for the track “Thanatoguards”  from “Afterlife Romance” , his album with SOFIA SARRI’s album can be seen at

For more information about:
ADRIAN TABACARU: or on Facebook at
SOFIA SARRI: or on Facebook at

Additional Information
Costin Chioreanu Website:
Costin Chioreanu Instagram:
Costin Chioreanu YouTube:
Costin Chioreanu Twitter:
Adrian Tabacaru Website:
Adrian Tabacaru Facebook:
Adrian Tabacaru YouTube:
Adrian Tabacaru Twitter:
Sofia Sarri Website:
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Sofia Sarri Instagram:
Sofia Sarri YouTube:
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Godsticks to release new studio album Inescapable on February 7th, 2020 via Kscope

Band reveal first single and video for “Denigrate” (feat. Daniel Tompkins)

Godsticks open 2020 with their new and most accomplished studio album, Inescapable. Their mix of heavy rock, progressive and alternative metal with a dynamic range of angular riffs and emotional depth will leave listeners reeling. The band’s sound has refined over their releases on Kscope, beginning with the technically astounding metal on Emergence to the more industrial and progressive-influenced Faced With Rage. Now, with Inescapable, the band have channeled their energy and technical ability into the melody, phrasing and vocal performance, allowing emotion to take center stage.

The band found themselves wanting a definitive theme running through Inescapable, without turning it into a concept album, of being more open, more personal and ultimately one that shines an inquisitive light on Charles’s struggle with inner demons which gave the songs a new level of intimacy. “Lyrically, I’ve always shared personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences but in a very ambiguous way. For Inescapable – in a conscious effort not to repeat ourselves – I thought I’d be a little more self-reflective and perhaps examine some of my inner demons. I have a strange relationship with music, and especially playing guitar. I would struggle to survive without either, but equally, they have made my life mentally torturous because my own self-worth is completely wrapped up in them. I used to be very much a perfectionist in my early years, and whilst some people may wear that as a badge of honor, I eventually viewed it as a huge heavyweight dragging down. It was a long time before I arrived at the realization that perfection was impossible to achieve.” elaborates Darran Charles.

Perfectly highlighting the album’s leitmotif, the band reveals their first single “Denigrate”, “the writing of this song was a sort of analysis of my ongoing battle with perfectionism and the general feeling that nothing you do ever meets the impossibly high standards you set for yourself”. The song features additional vocals from TesseracT’s gifted vocalist Daniel Tompkins to record vocal harmonies, adding an extra layer of aggression and energy.

The shoot for the quirky video, directed by George Laycock (Blacktide Audio/Visual) proved to be a memorable day for the band as Godsticks drummer Tom Price recalls “Everyone in the band was so excited about the concept, but when we arrived on set and saw a large table full of cakes, sweets, chocolate, sugar, sprinkles, honey and all manners of confectionary, the magnitude of what we had all let ourselves in for finally dawned on us! By the end of the shoot we were completely covered in everything – it was like ‘The Great British Bake Off’ meets ‘Apocalypse Now’! It was so much fun to make, but despite several spins in the washing machine I still can‘t get that sweet sickly smell out of my jeans!” Charles chimes in “It wasn’t fun, it was horrible!”

Inescapable was produced by James Loughrey (Skindred) and recorded at the famed heritage Monnow Valley studio. 

Godsticks are supporting the new material beginning in April with a UK tour followed by summer festivals 

2/4/2020 – Cardiff – Fuel Rock Club
3/4/2020 – London – Black Heart
4/4/2020 – Edinburgh – Opium
5/4/2020 – Manchester – Gullivers

Tickets available

Inescapable will be released on CD, LP & digitally. (“Denigrate is available as an instant download on digital pre-orders) on 7th February through Kscope and is available to PRE-ORDER HERE NOW

Godsticks are:
Darran Charles: Vocals, guitars, keys, synths
Dan Nelson: Bass
Gavin Bushell: Guitars
Tom Price: Drums
Backing vocals on ‘Denigrate’ – Daniel Tompkins

Follow Godsticks:

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